OUR PRODUCTIONS | 1966-Present


The Alexandra Players have been bringing quality amateur theatre to South-East London for many years – here’s a complete list of our performances since 1968!

Click on the links for more information about each of the plays and to see our awesome collection of stills from each performance.

Date Production Directed By
Oct-21 The Cemetery Club Roy Moore
Jul-21 An Evening With The Alexandra Players Lee Copp
Feb-20 The Actress Janet Denne
Oct-19 Harvey Louise Gaul
May-19 I Am a Camera Mark Higgins
Feb-19 Drowning on Dry Land Keith Hartley
Oct-18 Oh What A Lovely War! Roy Moore
May-18 A Murder Is Announced Katie Cleanthous & Rose Bayley
Feb-18 The Deep Blue Sea Louise Gaul
Oct-17 Season’s Greetings Juliette Harrison
May-17 Black Comedy Keith Hartley
May-17 Who Calls? Janet Denne
Feb-17 The Memory of Water Lee Copp
Oct-16 The Flint Street Nativity Roy Moore
June-16 Timeshare Keith Hartley
Feb-16 Cat’s Cradle Jackie Hartley
Oct-15 Wyrd Sisters Clare Sweetapple
May-15 The Essence of Love Janet Denne
Feb-15 The Flesh Game Keith Hartley
Feb-15 Cinderella: The Untold Story Roy Moore
Oct-14 We Happy Few (RSC Open Stages) Jackie Hartley
May-14 A Foot In The Door Keith Hartley
Feb-14 The Sleeping Beauty Roy Moore
Nov-13 Good Things Jackie Hartley
May-13 Pack Of Lies Rebecca Williams
Feb-13 Daisy Pulls It Off Roy Moore
Nov-12 Private Fears In Public Places Antonia Mochan
Jun-12 Crown Matrimonial Roy Moore
Feb-12 Enchanted April Keith Hartley
Oct-11 Play On Roy Moore
Jun-11 Neville’s Island Antonia Mochan
Feb-11 Dick Turpin Roy Moore
Oct-10 The Killing Of Sister George Roy Moore
Jun-10 Haywire Roy Moore
Oct-09 Absurd Person Singular Juliette Harrison
Jun-09 Dangerous Corner Mark Higgins
Feb-09 Dick Whittington Roy Moore
Nov-08 Respecting Your Piers Keith Hartley
Jun-08 The Enquiry Roy Moore
Feb-08 Jack And The Beanstalk Roy Moore
Oct-07 Groping For Words Janet Denne
May-07 Murder Mistaken Janet Denne
Dec-06 Two And Two Make Sex Roy Moore
Jul-06 Summer Selection
Jun-06 My Sister In This House Roy Moore
Nov-05 Way Upstream Eirona Wiseman
Jul-05 You’re Only Young Twice Keith Hartley
Mar-05 Babes In The Wood Roy Moore
Nov-04 David Copperfiled (with Roan Theatre Group) Graham Johnson
Aug-04 Love Letters (“Edward” & Excerpts) Jackie Hartley
May-04 Blithe Spirit Eirona Wiseman
Dec-03 So Long Life Roy Moore
May-03 Stepping Out Roy Moore
Nov-02 Lettuce & Lovage Keith Hartley
Jul-02 What Brutes Men Are + Excerpts
May-02 The Chalk Garden Eirona Wiseman
Nov-01 Gaslight Eirona Wiseman
Jul-01 In By The Half + Excerpts
May-01 Imaginary Lines Eirona Wiseman
Dec-00 Steel Magnolias Roy Moore
Jun-00 Business Of Murder Eirona Wiseman
Jan-00 Gigi Roy Moore
Aug-99 The Caretaker Eirona Wiseman
May-99 It Could Be Any One Of Us Eirona Wiseman
Dec-98 Wolf’s Clothing Roy Moore
Jul-98 Summer Selection
May-98 The Understanding Jackie Hartley
Nov-97 You Should See Us Now Keith Hartley
Aug-97 More Reading Between The Lines
May-97 Time Of My Life Eirona Wiseman
Dec-96 Laugh ! I Nearly Went To Miami Roy Moore
Sep-96 Reading Between The Lines
May-96 Look Who’s Talking Keith Hartley
Dec-95 Children Roy Moore
Sep-95 An Evening With …
May-95 The Dover Road Keith Hartley
Dec-94 Dark Summer Joyce Marshall/Baker
Jun-94 Children’s Day Roy Moore
Nov-93 All Is Not Gold Eirona Wiseman
May-93 Suspect Joyce Baker
Dec-92 Taxpayer’s Waltz David Pelling
Aug-92 A Little More Light Relief
Jun-92 Nightmare Roy Moore
Dec-91 Round And Round The Garden Eirona Wiseman
Sep-91 A Little Light Relief
May-91 Ladies In Retirement Joyce Baker
Dec-90 Panic Stations Roy Moore
May-90 Black Chiffon
Dec-89 Breath Of Spring
Apr-89 Spring Collection
Nov-88 Play On Roy Moore
May-88 Sacred Flame Joyce Marshall/Baker
Dec-87 Farewell Eugene Roy Moore
Sep-87 Concert
Jun-87 A Lady Mislaid Joyce Marshall/Baker
Jan-87 Aspern Papers Eirona Wiseman
Apr-86 The House On The Cliff
Dec-85 Horses In Midstream
Jun-85 – (should have been “Chiltern Hundreds”)
Dec-84 Question Of Fact
May-84 Wolfsbane
Dec-83 Don’t Utter A Note
May-83 Confusions
Dec-82 Murder Deferred
May-82 Miscellany
Nov-81 Scarlet Ribbon
May-81 – (should have been “Roots”)
Nov-80 No Contribution
May-80 Lord Arthur Savill’s Crime
Jan-80 Johnny Belinda
May-79 Absurd Person Singular
Jan-79 The Vortex
May-78 Rookery Nook
Jan-78 Night Must Fall
Apr-77 Plaza Suite
Nov-76 Bitter Sanctuary
Nov-75 Blithe Spirit
May-75 Home
Nov-74 Rock-A-Bye Sailor
May-74 Sailor Beware
Nov-73 Bonaventure
Jun-73 Dirty Work
Nov-72 5 Finger Excercise
May-72 Change Of Air
Dec-71 Dead On Nine
Apr-71 Likely Tale
Nov-69 Guinea Pig
May-69 Rising Generation
Mar-68 Hot Summer Night
1966 A Letter From The General

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