2016 | Timeshare

★★★ The London and World Premiere was held right here in Charlton ★★★

1-4 June 2016

Keith Hartley

Louise Gaul

Young Eddie – Mark Walker
Young Paula – Katie Melani Cleanthous
Older Eddie – Mark Higgins
Older Paula – Jackie Hartley
Marina – Rose Bayley
Miguel – Lee Copp

Design & Technical Team
Design, Set Construction & Decoration – Roy Moore & Rob Hames
Sound Design – David Hawkett
Lighting Design – Roy Moore
Stage Management – Sue McGeehan & Lee Copp
Futuristic Costumes/Programme Cover/Publicity Design – Louise Gaul
Programme – Janet Sweet
Photography – Juliette Harrison
FOH Manager – Rob Hames
Refreshments – Liz Moss

A brand new, never-seen-before play, written in 2015 by Philip Ayckbourn that explores the ‘what if’ scenario of a couple who, meeting with their younger selves, attempt to re design their lives by convincing their younger selves to make different choices. Will they be able to alter things for the better or will they just repeat the same mistakes they made the first time round? The scenario raises some interesting philosophical musings about time, relationships and the road not taken as well as providing fertile territory for plenty of comedy/farce.

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