2016 | Cat’s Cradle


17-20 February 2016

Leslie Sands

Jackie Hartley

Rose Bayley – Peggy Fletcher
Mark Foulds – Sam
Janet Sweet – Miss Merton
Laura Steel – Sarah
Louise Gaul – Pamela Fulton
Keith Hartley – Frost
Bennett Lau – Bob Marriott
Mark Walker – Sir Charles Cresswell

Director – Jackie Hartley
Set Design & Construction – Roy Moore & Robert Hames
Lighting Design – Roy Moore
Lighting Operator – Andrew Spence
Sound Design – David Hawkett
Stage Management  – Katie Cleanthous
Production Co-ordinator – Lee Copp

Front of House Management – Robert Hames
Refreshment Co-ordinator – Susan Boorman
Production Photography – Melanie Findlay / Juliette Harrison
Publicity Design – Louise Gaul

Set in an old coaching-house in a remote English Village, CAT’S CRADLE concerns an almost forgotten kidnapping, and perhaps murder, which was never resolved. As the play opens, the original inspector returns to reopen the investigation. However, his efforts are hindered as it becomes increasingly clear that he is facing a conspiracy of silence from the local townspeople and a past which is shrouded in mystery. The final denouement provides a completely unexpected twist to this intriguing and disturbing mystery.

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