2014 | Sleeping Beauty


20th-22nd February 2014

“My face hurts I’ve laughed so much!” ~ “Another wonderful performance” ~ “ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!”

Just a few of the comments we received from audience members

Norman Robbins

Roy Moore

Sue McGeehan, Mark Victor Higgins, Nik Renouf
John Milner, Janet Sweet, Keith Hartley
Rose Bayley, Jackie Hartley, Louise Gaul
Emma Dalton, Rebecca Williams, Pamela Bean
Rosalind Dalton, Laura Steel, Janet Denne
Juliette Harrison, Fiona Veacock, Andrew Spence
and children from the local community

A version of the time-honoured fairytale of the beautiful young princess who, cursed by the wicked fairy Carabosse, sleeps for a hundred years until awoken with a kiss by a handsome young prince. In most versions of The Sleeping Beauty the prince doesn’t appear until halfway through Act ll but by means of a subtle dream sequence and Tickles’, the court jester’s time machine, the prince is introduced much earlier giving a better balance to casting and action.

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