2013 | Pack of Lies

  • A Pack of Lies
  • A Pack of Lies
  • A Pack of Lies
  • A Pack of Lies
  • A Pack of Lies
  • A Pack of Lies
  • A Pack of Lies
  • A Pack of Lies

30 & 31 May, and 1 June

Hugh Whitemore

Rebecca Williams

Bob Jackson – Mark Higgins
Barbara Jackson – Sue McGeehan
Julie Jackson – Emma Dalton
Helen Kroger – Louise Gaul
Peter Kroger – Roy Moore
Stewart – Keith Hartley
Thelma – Liz Moss
Sally – Rose Bayley

Director – Rebecca Williams
Production Co-ordinator – Janet Sweet
Set construction – Robert Hames
Sound – John Milner/David Hawkett
Lighting – Andrew Spence
FOH – Robert Hames
Box Office – Antonia Mochan
Refreshment Co-ordinator – Susan Boorman
Costume – Janet Denne

The play takes place in a suburb of London during the autumn and winter of 1960-61.

The main events of the story are true.

In 1961, Peter and Helen Kroger, two Americans living in a London suburb, were convicted of spying for the Russians and sentenced to twenty years’ imprisonment. From these true facts Hugh Whitemore has written a powerfully moving fictional account of the events leading up to their arrest with the action centred on the totally unsuspecting Jackson household – Bob, Barbara and their daughter Julie.

Pack of Lies was first seen in London at the Lyric Theatre in 1983 starring Judi Dench and Michael Williams.

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