Meet The Players

Meet The Players

Meet our fabulously talented cast and crew members…

ROY MOORE : Chairman, Actor, Director, Stage & Lighting Design


Chairman, Actor, Director, Stage & Lighting Design

Roy combines acting with directing and set and lighting design. He is proud of the range of productions the Alexandra Players have put on in recent years. Highlights include The Passion Play in Greenwich Park, a joint production of David Copperfield with the Roan Company and playing 'Davies' in Pinter’s The Caretaker. Directing credits include The Killing of Sister George, Crown Matrimonial, Daisy Pulls It Off and The Flint Street Nativity. He has appeared in many productions over the years, some of the most recent being 'Charles Stanton' in Dangerous Corner, 'Neville' in Neville’s Island, 'Mellersh Wilton' in Enchanted April and 'Stewart' in Private Fears In Public Places. This year he played 'Colonel Melkett' in Black Comedy.

JANET SWEET : Actress, Backstage Management, Group Publicity


Actress, Backstage Management, Group Publicity

Janet joined the Players in 1978 and has played many roles, from junior heroines through middle-aged matrons to mischievous grannies. Some favourite roles have been 'Queen Mary' in Crown Matrimonial, 'Emma' in Way Upstream, 'Granny' in Haywire, 'Olwen Peel' in Dangerous Corner, 'May Archer' in A Foot in the Door and 'Jocelyn Thripp' in We Happy Few. She enjoyed being Pensioner-age witch 'Granny Weatherwax' in Wyrd Sisters and 'Miss Furnival' in Black Comedy.




Pamela has been a member of the group almost from the inception of The Alexandra Players and has played an assortment of characters over the years. She recreated 'Phyllis', the terrible playwright, in Play On! in 2011, a character she first played 25 years ago. During periods of 'resting' she has studied for OU qualifications and taken trips to Kenya.

KEITH HARTLEY : Actor, Director, Stage Manager


Actor, Director, Stage Manager

Keith has been with the Players since 1987, the first production being A Lady Mislaid where he played the hapless Sgt Bullock. In the 30 years since, Keith has been associated with more than 75 productions, either acting, directing, helping back stage, or helping with Front of House. Most recently he played the part of Neville in Season’s Greetings by Alan Ayckbourn and William Collyer in The Deep Blue Sea. He also met a young lady (Jackie) in the group in 1987 who he eventually married—they celebrated their silver wedding anniversary last year.

JACKIE HARTLEY : Actress, Director


Actress, Director

Jackie has been with the group since 1987. She has taken part in many productions and directed four, including We Happy Few, as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Open Stages Project. In 2017 she trod the boards with her husband, Keith, in The Memory of Water and had the pleasure of few lines but maximum impact as the ghostly Mistress of the House in Who Calls? After two productions as part of the backstage team, for the excellent Season’s Greetings and The Deep Blue Sea, she returned to the stage playing the multi-layered and intriguing Letty Blacklock in our sell-out production of Agatha Christie’s A Murder is Announced.

SUE McGEEHAN : Actress, Stage Manager


Actress, Stage Manager

Sue has been with the Players for 20 years and in that time has taken on roles in productions as varied as Gigi, Steel Magnolias, Gaslight, Stepping Out, David Copperfield and My Sister In This House. In recent years she performed as Daisy’s trusty sidekick, 'Trixie Martin', in Daisy Pulls It Off and 'Barbara Jackson' in Pack of Lies. In 2014 she played 'Azuriel' in Sleeping Beauty before giving birth to Aisling, a sister to Conor. As a busy mum of two, Sue is less able to commit to as many acting roles but was stage manager for the RSC Open Stages production of We Happy Few and the Philip Ayckbourn premiere of Timeshare, and in 2015 took on the loveable character of 'Magrat' in the stage adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters. Last year she was 'Angel' in The Flint Street Nativity, and in 2017, 'Lane' in Who Calls?

JANET DENNE : Actress, Director, Costume, Props


Actress, Director, Costume, Props

Janet joined the Alexandra Players in 2000. Over the years, she has taken many varied roles, including directing Murder Mistaken, Groping for Words and The Essence of Love. She appeared as the lead 'Susan' in Good Things, the likeable but hapless heroine who rebuilds her life through her interactions with the varied characters who enter her charity shop. Then she played the drunken has-been actress in We Happy Few, our RSC Open Stages production. She was last seen on stage last year as the Shepherd in The Flint Street Nativity. Earlier this year she directed Who Calls?

JULIETTE HARRISON : Actress, Director, Professional Photographer


Actress, Director, Professional Photographer

Juliette is a talented photographer, actor and musician. She joined the Alexandra Players in 2000 and has appeared in many of our productions since then including Steel Magnolias, Stepping Out, Blithe Spirit, David Copperfield and My Sister In This House. She directed Absurd Person Singular in 2010 and played 'Lotty Wilton' in the delightful comedy Enchanted April in 2012. More recently she played 'Clare Beaumont' in Daisy Pulls It Off, had a small part in Good Things and took the leading role of 'Hetty Oak' in our RSC Open Stages production of We Happy Few. She played 'Mary' in our recent production of The Flint Street Nativity, 'Vi' in The Memory of Water and 'Mrs Abernethy' in Who Calls? before directing our most recent production, Season's Greetings by Alan Ayckbourn.

MARK HIGGINS : Actor, Director


Actor, Director

Mark joined the Players in 2003. In 2009 he took on his first directing role with J. B. Priestley’s Dangerous Corner and appeared as 'Geoffrey' in Ayckbourn’s Absurd Person Singular. He played the critically acclaimed part of 'Angus' in Neville’s Island and 'Saul Watson' in Play On! In 2012 he played 'Frederick Arnott' in our “close to faultless” production of Enchanted April, the 'Duke of York' in Crown Matrimonial and 'Ambrose' in Private Fears In Public Places. In the last four years he has played 'Bob Jackson' in Pack of Lies, 'Frazer' in Good Things, 'Fusspot' - the Lord Chamberlain, in The Sleeping Beauty, 'Duke Felmet' in Wyrd Sisters, 'Eddie' in Timeshare, 'Star' in The Flint Street Nativity and 'Harold Gorringe' in Black Comedy.

LIZ MOSS : Actress, Backstage, Refreshments


Actress, Backstage, Refreshments

Liz took part in the joint Church/Players pantomime in 2004. She enjoyed her role as Fairy Godmother so much she was inspired to join the company and has acted with the Players in a number of roles. When not acting she helps backstage or with interval teas.

ANDREW SPENCE : Actor, Lighting Operator


Actor, Lighting Operator

Andrew has been a constant presence within the group since 2011 and as well as having appeared in a number of productions, has also contributed by assisting with lighting for one or two of their performances.




Originally from South Africa, Rose did a drama course led by Professor Bud Castle at the Johannesburg College of Education. In 2010 she joined the Henley Players before moving to the UK with her husband in 2011, when she joined the Alexandra Players. With the Players she has done backstage work and acted in Crown Matrimonial (Elizabeth, Duchess of York), Daisy Pulls It Off (Belinda), Good Things (Scotch Doris), Pack of Lies (Sally), Sleeping Beauty (evil fairy Carabosse), We Happy Few (Flora Pelmet), Cinderella the Untold Story (O’Reilly The Fairy Tale Fixer), Wyrd Sisters (Nanny Ogg), Cat’s Cradle (Peggy Fletcher), Timeshare (Marina) and Who Calls? (Twilley).




Rosalind has over 30 years of experience in Amateur Theatre, largely in operettas with the Ferrier Operatic Society. Having appeared in many musicals including Iolanthe, The Gondoliers, HMS Pinafore and Trial by Jury - all operettas by Gilbert & Sullivan, Ros made her return to dramatic theatre in 2013 and is also a member of the Blackheath Rock Choir.

LOUISE GAUL : Actress, Director, Website Manager & Social Media Administrator


Actress, Director, Website Manager & Social Media Administrator

Louise’s love of performing began in her final year at Primary School when she was cast in the role of ‘Baloo’ for a production of The Jungle Book. She later studied Drama at secondary school and Media Studies for A’level. In 2012, Louise decided to revisit her love of acting and discovered The Alexandra Players via Twitter. In 2014, having appeared in several plays with us, she took over responsibility for maintaining our website, social media pages and designing our publicity material. Leaping at the chance to assist in directing Timeshare in 2016, she enjoyed learning about the different aspects that go into putting a production together. Louise loves being able to express her ideas creatively and collectively amongst the group and has learnt a lot, fueling further ambitions to direct and even write a play herself one day. In February 2018, Louise brought a taste of the West-End to Charlton when she marked her directorial debut with Terence Rattigan's The Deep Blue Sea. She will be directing another production later this year in October. We last saw Louise on stage in February 2019 when she was cast as Linzi Ellison in Drowning on Dry Land.




Wyrd Sisters was the fifth Alexandra Players production that Daisy was involved in, and since then has been very happy to play multiple parts, really enjoying the scripts. In 2016, Daisy appeared in The Alexandra Players production of Wyrd Sisters and appeared in Annie in London's West End. Later that year, she played the part of 'Gonzalo' in The Tempest for School's Shakespeare and regularly enters dancing and singing competitions - often performing open mic sets at the Tudor Barn in Eltham.




Before joining The Alexandra Players, Mark's last big acting role was the lead Shepard at his school's nativity! Mark has always loved performing and has spent the intermittent years as a percussionist in a variety of different bands and music styles, including folk, rock, ska, and soca reggae. He has played in varied locations such as Glastonbury, Leicester Carnival, Trance parties and even Battersea Power Station. Mark will always be ready to bore anyone with his other great love; Motorcycling. He is a qualified advanced rider and advanced motorcycle instructor. He also looks rather fetching in a dress as we so discovered when he played a dame, 'Della' in Cinderella: The Untold Story. He has also appeared in Wyrd Sisters and Cat's Cradle.




A computer programmer by trade, Mark hadn't appeared on stage since playing 'Dracula' in a sixth form production of The Dracula Spectacular in 1993. As part of his mid-life crisis, (and trying to recapture his youth), he joined the Alexandra Players as part of the cast for Wyrd Sisters. Mark is thoroughly enjoying his time with the Players so far, and is keen to appear in future productions. He has so far appeared on stage as 'Sir Charles Cresswell' in Cat's Cradle and 'Young Eddie' in our premier production of Timeshare in 2016.

LEE COPP : Production Coordinator, Actor, Director


Production Coordinator, Actor, Director

Having been with the Alexandra Players over a year, Lee has helped back stage on the production of Cat’s Cradle, had a small walk-on part in Timeshare, then his first ‘proper’ role as both 'Herod' and 'Joseph', which he thoroughly enjoyed along with the rest of the cast, in The Flint Street Nativity. He then directed an excellent production of The Memory of Water in February 2017.

KATIE MELANI CLEANTHOUS : Actress, Stage Manager, Camera Assistant


Actress, Stage Manager, Camera Assistant

Katie grew up in Paignton, a small town in Devon, where she did her A-Levels, one of which was in Drama, before she came to London to study Drama at the University of Greenwich where she not only gained more on stage experience but also further behind the stage experience including stage management, sound and lighting. Katie went on to perform in the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics and is also a freelance camera assistant. She was Stage Manager for Cat's Cradle by Leslie Sands in February 2016 and has since appeared on stage as 'Young Paula' in Timeshare and 'Mrs Boone' in Who Calls?




Alex’s first role was as the 'Wicked Queen' in a school production of Snow White and the 21 Dwarves, and she’s been hooked ever since. More recently she has acted with the Lancaster University Theatre Group, in productions such as The Tempest and The Picture of Dorian Gray. This is Alex’s second acting part with the Alexandra Players, having previously played 'Clea' in Peter Shaffer’s Black Comedy which was directed by Keith Hartley.




Ryan joined the Alexandra Players in 2016, and playing 'Clive' in Season's Greetings was his first stage role with the group. He studied Drama at the University of the West of England, and has been involved in theatre with the Highbury Players (Portsmouth), as a founding member of FULL Theatre Company (Bristol), and with UWE Small Moving Parts (Bristol). He has appeared in many varied roles throughout his acting career from Shakespearean leads, to demi-gods, through to appearing on stage as Woody Allen. Season’s Greetings marked his first performance in four years.




This is Mark’s first (and hopefully not last) venture with the Players. He has previously acted and directed at the Edward Alderton Theatre, the Erith Playhouse and the Bob Hope Theatre. Previous roles include 'Sloane' in Entertaining Mr Sloane, 'Private Walker' in Dad’s Army, 'Benedick' in Much Ado About Nothing and 'Captain Ashwood' in It Ain’t Half Hot Mum. He has directed several plays, including Brimstone and Treacle, Rope, Abigail’s Party and Justifying War, a play about the Hutton Enquiry in which he played his namesake, 'Alistair Campbell'. His production of The Caretaker won a Bexley Arts Council award in 2006, and he recently adapted and directed the world premiere of a special amateur production of Some Mothers Do ’Ave ’Em.

ADAM ALEXANDER : Actor and Musician


Actor and Musician

Adam joined the Alexandra Players in March 2018 in the hopes of fulfilling his passion for acting, earning himself his first role as Patrick Simmons in Agatha Christie’s A Murder is Announced. He is an ardent pianist and violinist who has trained with the Association Board of the Royal Schools of Music, and in October 2018 Adam was cast as Musical Director for the highly ambitious production of Oh What A Lovely War. He later returned to the stage for the following production of Drowning On Dry Land, portraying Alan Ayckbourn’s egotistical yet highly untalented protagonist, Charlie Conrad.




Christopher has always loved performing, ever since his critically acclaimed portrayal of Jiminy Cricket in a primary school production, when he was only seven years old. He is no stranger to the stage—he has cut his teeth in many music based projects, as well as performing at a number of spoken-word poetry events. His portrayal of Edmund Swettenham in our production of A Murder is Announced was his debut. We last saw Christopher on stage as Jason in Alan Ayckbourn's Drowning on Dry Land.

DEBORAH PIKE : Actress, Costume


Actress, Costume

Deborah made her debut with the Alexandra Players playing Mrs Swettenham in A Murder is Announced. She enjoyed this role immensely and was thrilled to be cast again in the production that followed, Oh What A Lovely War.

CATHERINE MILLAR : Actress, Prompt


Actress, Prompt

Catherine has previously performed with the Trinity Theatre Club and Italia Conti Associates, both in Tunbridge Wells, and was also part of the RADA Youth Company in London. Parts have included Leila Arden in Patrick Hamilton’s Rope and Portia in Julius Caesar. Catherine graduated with a degree in Drama and English Literature from Manchester University and during her time there performed in a few different shows in both the Drama and Musical Theatre Society, as well as the independent theatre company ‘Smashed Glass Theatre’. Catherine first joined the Alexandra Players for their production of Agatha Christie’s A Murder is Announced and also appeared in our production of Oh What a Lovely War.

JODIE COUGHLAN : Actress, Singer, Stage Manager


Actress, Singer, Stage Manager

Jodie joined The Alexandra Players in March 2018, and as an avid Agatha Christie fan, it was her dream come true to be cast as the ill fated Bunny (Dora Bunner) in A Murder Is Announced. With a great interest in the performing arts since childhood, ballet from the age of 4, and acting throughout her school days, she also has fond memories of performing with GLYPT as a teen. Jodie is currently a member of the CCRA Singers, and Our Lady of Grace church choir. Oh What A Lovely War (October 2018) was Jodie's second production, where she played a number roles in the ensemble, and sang two solos, ''Hitchy-Koo'' and ''Keep The Home Fires Burning''. Most recently Jodie was Stage Manager for our February 2019 production of Drowning On Dry Land.




Shereen joined the Alexandra Players in 2018, keen to explore her interest in theatre and acting. She joined as the players were reading for the production of Drowning on Dry Land and was cast into the role of Marsha Bates which she thoroughly enjoyed and for which she received some great feedback. Shereen is passionate about singing and musicals and would like to act and sing in a musical one day.

ROBERT HAMES : Set Design and Contruction, Front of House Manager


Set Design and Contruction, Front of House Manager

Rob is a regular in our front-of-house team and spends many hours on the stage creating our outstanding sets. He learned many of his set building tricks from the master of set design, Dave Townsend, with whom he worked for recent productions such as The Sleeping Beauty, We Happy Few, The Essence of Love and Wyrd Sisters, and with Roy Moore on Cat’s Cradle, Timeshare, The Flint Street Nativity, The Memory of Water and Black Comedy.

DAVID HAWKETT : Lighting & Sound Design


Lighting & Sound Design

David Hawkett (lighting and sound design) enjoys all things techie backstage. He’s done sound or lighting for most of the recent Players’ productions. “The best bit about Am Dram is when it all comes together: actors, set, props, costumes, front-of-house, sound, lights - and, most important, the audience”, he says.

HELEN SAUNDERS : Lighting & Sound Design/Operation


Lighting & Sound Design/Operation

DAVE TOWNSEND : Set Design and Contruction


Set Design and Contruction

The man with all the clever ideas who creates the magic! Dave is well known amongst amateur groups in the Borough having provided many wonderful sets for plays and pantomimes that have been performed over the years. David's work drew gasps from audiences that attended our most recent production of 'Sleeping Beauty'. We really are very lucky to have him and Robert on board.

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