This Remembrance Sunday, as we give thanks and appreciation for all of those who fought and lost their lives in WWI, we would love to share with you this wonderful poem that was written by one of our members.



Oh Mother

Oh Mother, who is my father?

The man who left for war.
With pride and courage on his side,
Through mud and blood he saw.

My Child, he is a martyr,
Like no man I’ve ever known.
For King and Empire, brave and bold,
To war his soul was sold.

Oh Mother, where fights my father?

All the years he’s been away.
Where the letters he sends, oh the good things he says,
Oh Mother, where be my father?

My Child, he battles in France.
In the trenches to shoot and advance.
The letters are lies, the truth perverted by spies,
In the place where the crow flies.

Oh Mother, how is my father?
In a place of disease and death.
He lies in the dirt, in gas and in red,
Oh Mother, please wake up my father.

My Child, he has been beaten.
Ordered never to shelter, but run.
Haig wanted a win, his orders a sin.
Now he rots after facing the gun.

Oh Mother, please bring back my father.
For his duty as soldier is done.
Let him come home to us, where we’ll love him and fuss,
In Great Britain he fought for, he must.

My Child, he rests now in heaven.
For his duty as father is done.
Lest we forget, on the 11th we set,
From the moment of the rising sun.

Adam Alexander, Armistice Day Centenary, (1918-2018)

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