“We Happy Few” Casting Call | Actors: Men & Women WANTED + Production Crew | Meeting this Wednesday @ 8pm!

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On Wednesday 25th June 2014 at 8:00pm The Alexandra Players will be meeting at The Alexandra Hall, Bramshot Avenue, SE7 to hold an open casting call for numerous roles, technical and backstage positions that they wish to fill for their next production, We Happy Few.

This is a great opportunity for anyone that would like to act, or assist backstage to come along and get involved.

We Happy Few has been selected as part of the RSC’s Open Stages project which will see the theatre company working with 100 amateur groups across the country, providing training, director mentoring, feedback and support to themed productions in celebration of Shakespeare and Amateur Theatre.

If you would like to join us, please confirm you attendance for this Wednesday evening by emailing us at alexandraplayers@gmail.com.


We are looking to cast the following roles…

NB. The Director has indicated an age range for actors wishing to audition for these parts.


HETTY OAKS | The leader of the troupe and lead female in the play. Strong, brave, from an upper-middle class background, a born leader but not snobbish. No-nonsense but has a kind heart. Is hiding a secret.

Age range: Anywhere from mid-to-late thirties to early forties.


FLORA PELMET | Co-founder of the troupe.  Similar background to Hetty although could be played as someone slightly older. Is well-educated and quite self-effacing and Apologetic. A good ‘foil’ for Hetty.

Age range: No specific age in mind but older rather than younger.


HELEN IRVING | Alcoholic, children’s radio presenter and frustrated actress. Mother to Rosalind, whom she bullies unmercifully.

Age range: Forties or older.


ROSALIND ROBERTS | New RADA graduate and Helen’s daughter. Well educated, keen, bullied by her mother but wants to assert herself. Latterly Charlotte’s Girlfriend.

Age range: Late twenties – early thirties.


CHARLOTTE (CHARLIE) PETERS | Cockney ‘tomboy’, latterly Rosalind’s girlfriend.

Age range: Late twenties – early thirties.


JOCELYN THRIPP | Becomes stage manager but also takes part in the plays. A ‘Women’s Institute’ type. Similar background to Hetty and Flora.

Age range: No specific age in mind but older rather than younger.


IVY WILLIAMS | Young woman of mixed-race origin, originally from Birmingham (is written as having strong Birmingham accent.) Becomes Joseph’s girlfriend.

Age range: Early/mid-twenties – early thirties.


REGGIE PELMET | Flora Pelmet’s cousin. A warm and friendly, man. Avuncular, supportive, humorous.

Age range: No specific age in mind. Needs to be believable as Flora’s cousin.


GERTRUDE ROSENBAUM | A German Jewish refugee (needs to cope with German words/accent). Mother to Joseph.

Age range: Forties through to early fifties.


JOSEPH ROSENBAUM | Young German Jewish refugee – Gertrude’s son (needs to be able to cope with German words/accent).


Other characters – depending on how many people want parts, these could be allocated separately or other cast members could double-up – these are fairly small parts.

IN THE WARDROBE STORE (may only be voice-over)




LEONARD – Is a slightly larger part and he appears in the first part of the play.


AUDITIONEES (for the Artemis players – all small cameo parts but quite funny)









 We will also need people to provide ‘assorted voices’ for announcers, newsreaders and an assortment of historical and literary characters.


THE PRODUCTION TEAM – (non-acting roles) 

We also need a very strong production team for this play, so I will be selecting people for these very important roles along with casting the actors. 

SET DESIGNER – Will have responsibility for working with the Director to design and produce the sets for the production. 

PRODUCTION CO-ORDINATOR – Will have responsibility for co-ordinating all aspects of the production and acting as liaison between all other technical staff, stage management, actors, director and publicity people to ensure smooth running of the production as a whole.

STAGE MANAGER – Will be responsible for all backstage activity, lead props. co-ordinator, marshalling actors etc. Will also be responsible for co-ordinating set changes and assisting the Director with running the Book during rehearsals.

ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER(S) AND PROPS. CO-ORDINATORS – Will assist the stage manager in the duties listed above.

LIGHTING DESIGNER/OPERATOR – Will be responsible for lighting design (with assistance from those with previous experience) and operation during rehearsals and on the nights of the performances.

SOUND DESIGNER/OPERATOR  – Will have responsibility for recording/procuring necessary sound effects for the production and operating the sound equipment on the nights of the performances.

REFRESHMENTS CO-ORDINATOR – Will have responsibility for co-ordinating a group of people to prepare and deliver refreshments in the interval. [NB. We are always short of volunteers to assist with the refreshments. This is a valuable and vital role and if anyone can help, their contribution will be gratefully received!]

[BOX OFFICE MANAGER – This role has been taken]

FRONT-OF-HOUSE MANAGER – Will have responsibility for welcoming audiences, organising tickets (pre-paid or sold on the door), assisting people with seating, selling programmes, assisting with interval refreshments.

FRONT-OF-HOUSE ASSISTANT(S) – Will assist Front of House Manager in the above duties.

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